kickass.to status - is it up, down? speed? response? history?




We have performed the test using one of our servers in a region closest to kickass.to. If the site is down then you should check back at a later stage. This could possibly be caused by planned maintenance or an outage of some sort. If you would like to see more tests click here.

To add a test of your own and/or a widget to your own site, read our how to article:



If you cannot access kickass.to but our widget indicates that kickass.to is up, then it is possibly caused by a browser related issue on your side. Try the following:

  1. Force a reload using your browser (ctrl + F5).
  2. Clear the temporary cache on your browser (ctrl + shift + del).
If this fails to resolve the problem then it is most likely caused by a DNS issue. DNS is a service used by your computer to lookup IP addresses ( for given internet names (example.com). You could try the following:
  1. Clear your DNS cache by opening a command prompt and typing "ipconfig /flushdns" followed by the enter key or you could power down your device and then turn it back on. 
  2. Replace your ISP provided DNS server with Google DNS or OpenDNS which are both free & excellent choices.

If you having speed and/or response issues then you should test your connection using speedtest.net. First test your connection by selecting a server closest to you on the speedtest.net widget. If you are satisified with the result you should then perform another test but this time by selecting a server closest to kickass.to.


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